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Two years ago I decided I wanted to do more public speaking after not having done much for many years (my previous experience was primarily academic and from before I switched into the tech industry).I was nervous and also uncertain if I had anything of value to say.

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I use twitter primarily as a professional tool (I think of it as a more dynamic version of Linked In), so I try to keep most of my tweets related to data science.

However, I’ve worked hard to make peace with the concept and wanted to share what I’ve discovered.

Over the past two years, I’ve consistently put time in to twitter and blog posts.

Here are a few ways this has been helpful to me: I talked to a grad student who was giving an oral presentation at NIPS, and she noted how a classmate of hers with a much larger twitter following got significantly more retweets and attendees for his talk.

This struck her as unfair as a larger twitter following doesn’t equate with better research, but it also convinced her that building a personal brand would be useful.

Even if I don’t plan to cover all the set-up or background in my talk, I want to give people a resource that they can use later.

You don’t need to create a recording or a demo to give a talk (particularly if it will stress you out), but it’s worth considering.

I prepare for short talks and small audiences, as well as big talks, because I want to be respectful of the audience.

I think it’s particularly important to go through your timing to make sure that you’ll be able to cover what you plan (I’ve seen some talks get cut off before the speaker even reached their main point).

Apart from the “personal branding” aspects, twitter helps me practice being more concise. I also use it as a way of bookmarking blog posts I like and highlights from talks and conferences I attend, so sometimes I refer back to it a reference.

Behaviors to avoid in code reviews:- stating opinion as fact- avalanche of comments- asking devs to fix problems they didn’t cause- judgemental questions- sarcasm @sandyaaaas #Alter Conf pic.twitter.com/LX1Ae G4JOk— Rachel Thomas (@math_rachel) December 10, 2017 Your enjoyment of twitter will vary greatly depending on who you follow. Feel free to unfollow people if you realize you’re not getting anything out of their tweets.

Personal branding is similar– we may want our professional work to stand on its own merit, but how we present and share it is important.