Validating radio button in javascript

15-Jul-2017 11:34 by 4 Comments

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This is because the radio button inside a Grid View behaves differently.

This is striped down from an "order" form including several donations and a set of 8 Membership levels. As shown what I want to do is change the "item name" from Membership to include the membership level in addition to checking other user inputs.

To get started let's go ahead and fire up Visual Studio and then create a new web application / website project. The mark up would look something like this: If you notice I've added a templatefield column so that we can add the radio button there.

Also I have set up some Bound Field columns and set the Data Fields as Row Number, Col1 and Col2.

I have a test file striped down that shows the problem attached.

- The script currently includes sever Alert boxes to troubleshoot.

Since user agent behavior differs, authors should ensure that in each set of radio buttons that one is initially "on".

I did not want to have a preselected button on (like the pre checked 'sent me advertisement' box) so I did not have one of the radio buttons "on". My answer is to add a Checked "Not now Thank you" radio button to the set. I can think of other situation where you would want a radio button "only one checked" but not want a default value; gender, membership level...This looks like a sequencing problem but it works the same on all the browsers I have tried (FF8, IE9, Chrome15.0.874.121, Safari4.0.5, Opera11.11).To check the user form inputs I have an "onsubmit" that calls a Java Script.Now let's go ahead and switch back to ASPX mark up.In this example I'm going to use a Java Script for validating the radio button to select one radio button at a time.Here's the Java Script for the validation: The function above loops through the rows in Grid View and find all the radio buttons within it.