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He tells the whole story of their prefabricated, paper doll romance in trite and exasperating detail -- not a moment of which even hints at originality -- and all the while you sit in the audience, dying to change the subject.

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Continue reading: Simpatico Review Hey, it's the first lame direct-to-DVD movie of 2003!

Continue reading: Anywhere But Here Review They say every dog has his day... Continue reading: Outside Providence Review The expressionless Freddie Prinze, Jr.

("Wing Commander") is the guy, a recent college grad who talks to the camera incessantly and without zeal about Julia Stiles ("10 Things I Hate About You"), the dream-girl co-ed that broke his heart.

Hatosy, repped by IFA and H2F Entertainment joins fellow , a take on the infamous feud set in present-day Pittsburgh.

The startling death of the Mc Coy patriarch re-ignites the feud between the two legendary families, unleashing decades of resentment.

He's an experienced Chicago machinist, a proud guy only able to work part-time hours due to the lack of work.

The resulting scant paychecks lead to embarrassing situations, such as the repossession of his car, leaving his wife pissed off and his young son confused.

George Hickenlooper's brief, sometimes impressionistic film is most illuminating when showing both the allure and the casualties of Warhol's free but detached Factory scene.

Continue reading: Factory Girl Review Ensemble comedies featuring interlocking stories seem to be all the rage these days, but boy does it take serious talent to pull off the intricate plotting and careful structure of one of these films.

The timing with today's marketplace couldn't be better in gaining the audience's sympathies.

Continue reading: John Q Review The latest entry on the long list of follow-up disappointments will have to be Outside Providence, a film sort-of from the Farrelly brothers (There's Something About Mary) with practically none of its charm.

Continue reading: Outside Providence Review After a witty lead like that, at this point in the movie review, I usually launch into a brief plot synopsis. For starters, his wife divorced him, both his son and his cat ran away, the plants in his apartment are all dead, and he can never sleep because the people in the apartment next to his have loud sex every night. Bernie loses all his money and can't repay his debt to the Shangri-La casino ,owned by his friend Shelly (Alec Baldwin). With his mere presence at a poker table, he immediately turns winners into losers. "People get next to me and their luck turns." (Shades of Intacto.)Continue reading: The Cooler Review Their stoner coming-of-age story for "Outside Providence," which they wrote with director Michael Corrente from a novel Peter published in 1998, is more far more bittersweet than funny.

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