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Sadly, none of the prehistoric rock carvers, sculptors or painters are known to us, so their works will have to speak for themselves!Also, any compilation of ancient art is limited by the hand of nature: after all, over hundreds of millennia, soft rock crumbles, pigments disappear, and wood perishes.

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In addition, it seems likely that Aboriginal rock art in Australia will also - in the not too distant future - be discovered to be much older than presently thought.The first Near East civilizations (Minoan, Mycenean) appear. From about 400 BCE - as Greek art begins to dazzle - we leave prehistory and enter great era of Classical Antiquity characterized by Greek sculpture and Greek Pottery and the more sobre style of Roman art.Trade flourishes around the Mediterranean, leading to exchange of artistic techniques and materials. Early Chinese Pottery also flourished, as did the art of India.This relies on the fact that a number of radioactive isotopes (like uranium) are known to decay into daughter products at a known constant rate.Probably the best known example of radiometric testing of living organisms, that may have been found at the site, is carbon-14 (radiocarbon) dating, which relies on Carbon-14 absorption. Pike at the caves of El Castillo and Altamira is known as Uranium/Thorium dating.The peat had helped to preserve the wooden image from decay.7. Venus of Hohle Fels (c.38,000-33,000 BCE) Ivory sculpture of an obese female.

El Castillo Cave Paintings (Red Disk) (c.39,000 BCE) Recent Uranium/Thorium (U/Th) dating techniques show that a large red-ocre dot or disk in this Cantabrian cave was painted at least as early as 39,000 BCE, making it the world's oldest cave painting yet found. Sulawesi Cave Art (c.37,900 BCE) Cave paintings of hand stencils and animals at the Leang Timpuseng Cave. Lion Man of the Hohlenstein Stadel (38,000 BCE) This ivory carving of a human figure with alion's head, unearthed in a cave inside Hohlenstein Mountain of the Swabian Jura, is the oldest known anthropomorphic carving in the world, and the oldest piece of sculpture of the Upper Paleolithic. The oldest of the Venus figurines that appeared in Europe during the Upper Paleolithic. Hohle Fels Cave in the Swabian Jura of southwestern Germany.

For a sculptural masterpiece from the late Neolithic of southern Europe, see the terracotta sculpture known as The Thinker of Cernavoda (c.5000 BCE, National Museum of Romanian History, Bucharest).

Noted for its metallurgy, including exquisite early bronze, gold and silver metalwork, and ceramics.

Here is a list of the top 10 oldest works of Prehistoric art created during the Stone Age.

It features all the major types of Paleolithic art yet discovered, including: petroglyphs (the oldest type of cultural expression), parietal art (like cave painting, as well as hand stencils and other abstract signs) and also mobiliary art (like ivory carving and other portable forms of sculpture).

Meanwhile, in Australia, the Bradshaw Paintings (c.15,500 BCE) appeared, along with a wide variety of pictographs and petroglyphs made by the aboriginal creators of Ubirr Rock Art in Arnhem Land, Kimberley Rock Art in northern Australia and Burrup Peninsula Rock Art in the Pilbara.

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