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Thank you everyone who watched the cam and commented! 5/24/2017: Early in the morning, the nestlings were banded by Boise State University students from Dr. We can confirm that we have three females and one male nestling, and all four appear to be in good condition.

This first flight is called 'fledging' and it is when a baby bird mostly leaves the nest for good.

Among American Kestrels, it is not uncommon for fledglings to return to the nest box, for roosting at night or for a quick rest.

While we were at it, we took genetic samples to map the genetics differences across the American Kestrel's range.

The silver band is on their left leg, and it provides an individual ID# for the rest of their lives.

5/4/2017: Typically, American Kestrels incubate for around 27-31 days.

So imagine our surprise when one of the eggs hatched a couple days early!Looks like this brood is a normal-sized brood for American Kestrels, and all the nestlings so far are fairly similar in age.If the male seems gone often, it is because he is hunting.So this is not the first batch of nestlings this female raised.5/6/2017: Sometime in the morning, a fourth egg hatched!We band them when they are about 18-25 days old, as their feet are adult-sized and the band will never get too tight from further growth.

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    "Abraham's Children in the Genome Era: Major Jewish Diaspora Populations Comprise Distinct Genetic Clusters with Shared Middle Eastern Ancestry." The American Journal of Human Genetics 86:6 (June 3, 2010): pages 850-859.

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    Dilated fundus examination may reveal various pathological changes in the posterior pole including: myopic crescents, Fuch’s spots (pigmented, circular lesions secondary to subretinal neovascularization and hemorrhage), exudates, posterior staphyloma, retinal breaks, scarring and retinal detachment. The vitreous may also be affected with opacification, liquification and detachment.

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    When the sample is heated in the lab, it releases thermoluminescence light.

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    The pair were rumoured to be dating after fans noticed they were posting pictures of the same swimming pool in Santorini.