Lithuanian free cam

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Lithuanian free cam

Abakan (together with Tayshet) was a terminal of the major Abakan-Taishet Railway. The city is served by the Abakan International Airport.The 100th Air Assault Brigade of the Russian Airborne Troops was based in the city until circa 1996.

(ie)LUTIN- spoil(ed), pampered IEMAC-, MAK, MEDZ, learn, talent, ability, make, create, teach KURms, KALns, KURma roof, mountain (pass), elevation DUR, DURI, DURIM relating to the door RE, IERE-DZE sight , observation RUDU VARA copper metal VAIRUO, VAIRUM multiply, increase URKis digger, burrower, clawed beast ARANIS eagle (Lithuanian), ERGLIS AR, ARA, ARUOt plow, cultivate ARU GAL- outside end of ARELE outside UZ independent word also used as a directional prefix - to, on, in, at, with UZ ENAS PUSI toward eve, shadows AS-INIS blood UZ on AS-TONI eight, Old. AS-MEN- eight ZA 2 stone, rock, precious stone, hailstone, pit, kernel ZACH 2,3 flee, be lost, perish ZAG, ZA shoulder, right side, border ZAR 5, SIR 5, SUR spin, twine ZE cut, shear ZI breathing, breath (of life), soul ZID, ZI right (hand), good, true, legitimate (transcription faulty) ZIG, ZI go out ZIZ a crop-devouring insect ZIZNA, fish roe ZUBU, ZUBI sickle ZIB 2 mark, stamp, brand ZU know, understand, wisdom ZU tooth, ivory, flint, obsidian, glass ZUCH steal, rob AZAG taboo ASSA, sharp ASmenis blade, edge AK-MENIS rock, stone ZUD-, ZUDIS, ZAUD lost, perish SANI side (of something) ZAR- sprout, branch out, twine CER cut, shear DZI-VE life, breathe (life) IST-, ISTS (long i) true, real, legitimate Egyptian ISIS IZEJA, IZIET out-go, go out, EXit SISenis grasshopper ZIVs, ZIVINA dim. No other relationship under the law is established to the user.

| HOME | Ancient Signs (book) | Lexiline Forum | Lexi Line Journal | Stars Stones and Scholars (book) | Ancient World Blog | | Lingwhizt | Archaeology Websearch Blog | Ancient Egypt Weblog | Archaeology Travel Photos | Megalithic Sites of the World | Law Pundit (Evidence etc.) | LA, LAL be high, hold, lift, carry, hang, weigh, deduce, strap, harness, bind, load, lessen, light, deficient, minus, accuse, denounce, to fall back, retreat LACH, LUCH clean, wash, sweep LUGUD pus, serous LA(L)U debt, owed amount LAMMA female spirit of good fortune LI juniper/cedar tree (see ERIN-) LIRUM, LIRU, LIRI physical strength, strong, powerful (origin of word LORD) LU many, much, numerous, man, men, people LUNGA 2,3 LUMGI 2,3 NINGI 2,3 brewer LAI so that, may, allow, in order that LAIst let go, lessen, retreat, to fall back LIEL big, large, high, great, important LIELas to brag, make oneself big LIEtuo to use something LIJ-, LIET- pour liquid over retained even in English as LIQUID AL(A)GA wage, earnings LAIMA goddess of luck LIE-pa linden tree LIELAM, LIELU, LIELI big, large, strong (see LIEL above) LAU-dis people LAUNAGs afternoon meal, drink, picnic JAUK- mix, brew MA 3, GA go MA 4 leave, go out MASH interest, rent, profit, yield ME power, office, responsibility, decree, oracle, we, our MELI throat EME tongue, speech MEN 2,3 myself , the I self MISH, MESH, MES young man prince, son, elm (?

) tree MI, ME black MU, MA 5 to mill, grind MUDLA, MADLU, MUDUL pole, stake MUG, MUK chisel, hew, carve MUG nakedness, pudenda MURGU 2 neck, back, shoulders MURUB vulva, woman, sexual charm MURUB 4,10 central, median area, hips MURUB battle MUSH snake, reptile MUSH 4 a biting insect MUSHEN bird EIMI, EJAM, EJA to go MAKSA yield, pay, MAISS pouch ME-S we, MUS- we, our AMA-TS office MELE tongue, speech MAN me, to me, mine MEITA daughter, MASA sister MEDZ- create MEZHS forest MEL- black MAL grind MIET-, MIETELE pole, stake MALKA wood, MEZHS forest, wood MAKs, MUKs pouch, pudenda MUGURA back MILIBA love MIESIBA of the flesh MERIBA (long e) measurement MIERIBA peace MUDZis, MUKT snake, crawler MUSHA a fly MUSHINA fly VIENUOT to unite, join together NE no, also as a prefixed particle NE- of negation in word formation NA, NU NE-DZIM, NE-DZIVs not born, not alive NE-ZIN, NESAMANA vertigo NUO- prefix from, off, out of, with, for PA 4,5,6 ditch, small canal PU well, cistern, pool PA, PAD seek, find, choose, call, swear, take an oath, declare PAB, PAP, PA 4, ABBA father, brother man PALA 2,3 clothing (gods, rulers) PARA, BARA, PAR, BAR pass over stretch out, spread out PESH 7 child, son PESH 4, 13 be pregnant, conceive PESH womb UPE river PET-, PAUT-, PAUD-, BAUD- investigate, study, check, test, research PAP-, PAPA father PALAgs cloth, sheet PAR, PARI over, above, pass above PEC after, following PUIKA boy PISA has many sexual connotations PEZHA womb (vulgar)RA strike, stab, stir, stamp, measure, RI throw, cast, place, put, break, expel, remove, beget, take, plan RIG mace, weapon RIG govern, manage, tend RIG 5,7 deed, grant, list RU give, send, present, gift RUO-KA, hand Lithuanian RA-NKA RI-KUO handle, act, organize RAK- to dig LIEK put, place RIK- tool, weapon RIKUO, RAKst- handel, manage, tend RIK- tool LIK- determine, place, set RUO-KA, hand, hand over to SA 6, SHA 6, SHAG 5, SIG 6, SIG 5 sweet, good, pleasant SA sinew, cord, net, mat SA 4 to name, call SA 5, SA 11, SIR SI 4, SU 4, red red-brown, red ocher SAG TIN herbalist (see SUCHUSH) SAG head, point, first, present, human SIKI, SIG hair, wool, fur, hide SAGSHU cap, headdress SAM, SHAM, SA 10 price, buy/sell SUM give, lend SE 12 SIG 7 pale, yellow-green, create, live SED, SED 7,11 repose, calm, abate SEG snow, ice SEG 4 frost, cold , chills CHALBA, CHALBI frost, freezing SEG 6 heat, cook, boil, be hot SHA to dry up SHAB subtract, apportion, gather SHAG 4, SHA intestines, heart, midst SHAKIR/-AR, butter tub, milk jug, butter churn SHE barley, grain SHED 3,4,5 be together, join, link SHIBIR shepherd's staff, scepter SHIR, SHER to shine brightly SHIR, SIR 4 testicles SHIR, SHUR sing, song, lament SHITA clean, priest SHITA clear water, channel, canal SHITA mace SHITA 4 bind, band, bound SHITA 5 a type of vessel SHU hand, share, portion, bundle SHUB cast, throw, fall, remove SHUBA, SHUB 7 be bathed, clean SHUD, SHU 12, SUB pray, bless SHUDUN 2,3,4,5 SHUDUL 2,3,4,5 yoke, crosspiece SHUKUR spear, lance SHURUN 4,5 cricket, cockroach SHUSHUANA sixth ASH 3,4,8 six SIG low, small, weak, late SIG 3,11 SAG 2,3 SI chop (trees) strike, damage, shake, crush, blow SIG 4 sun-dried brick, wall SIG 9 to be narrow SIGGA, SIG 14, SHEG 8,9 boar SHACH domestic pig SILA 3 street, path, trail, road SILA measure of capacity - 0.842 liter SILIM to be good, healthy SU 6 beard SU your, yours i.e.

The variants are designed for arid, tropic and snow-covered environments, plus a black variant for use by law enforcement tactical teams.

Multi Cam has background colors of a brown to light-tan gradient and lime green blending in between, the main part consists of green to yellowish green gradient and finally dark brown and light pinkish blotches spread throughout the pattern.

The city has a river port, industry enterprises, Katanov State University of Khakasia, and three theatres.

Furthermore, it has a commercial center that produces footwear, foodstuffs, and metal products.

Precipitation is concentrated in the summer and is less common because of rain shadow from nearby mountains.

Multi Cam is camouflage pattern designed for use in a wide range of conditions produced by Crye Precision. Army's move to replace the 3-Color Desert and Woodland patterns, but in 2004 lost to the Universal Camouflage Pattern (UCP) that came to be used in the Army Combat Uniform. Army in 2010, replacing UCP for units deploying to fight in the War in Afghanistan, under the designation, Operation Enduring Freedom Camouflage Pattern (OEF-CP).

A group of camps was established where prisoners were forced to work in the coal mines.

After Stalin's death, Lithuanian exiles from the nearby settlements moved in.

This allows for the overall appearance to change from greenish to brownish in different areas of the fabric, while having smaller blotches to break up the bigger background areas.

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