Intimidating gamertags

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Intimidating gamertags - updating data in sql database in asp net

Plonk it on its side and Microsoft won't be held responsible for your discs getting scratched.

The decision to no longer include Kinect as standard - a move that's effectively killed the peripheral dead - has helped Xbox One immeasurably.

From here you can see which of your friends are online, access messages, view Party Chat and change settings.

Such a feature was sorely missed in the launch version of Xbox One and its inclusion makes all the difference today.

Unlike the Sony PS4, which has been championed by gaming industry pundits and media alike, Microsoft's console met with outright hostility when it was first announced and in the months that followed it was one PR disaster after another.

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The New Xbox Experience, introduced at the tail end of 2015, is the new way of using Xbox One and it's light years ahead of the Windows 8-based abomination early adopters had to endure for two years straight.

The NXE is all about dividing all your content into four key sections - Home, Community, One Guide and Store - with each one flowing much like a social media feed.Community is Xbox One's equivalent of content feeds you find below each game on your PS4's UI, but instead gathered into one place.It's here you'll find all the user-generated content you could want - there's a strong balance between the progress of your friends (screenshots, recently unlocked Achievements and content curated from around You Tube and the wider community.Think of it like a rolling homepage with all the important functions on each tab accessible quickly with the minimum of fuss.Games now have their own homepages known as Game Hubs - from here you flit between captures screenshots or video, see your Achievements and more.In fact, it's a big, hulking brute of a machine that bears more than a passing resemblance to a Betamax video recorder circa 1984.