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“Most law enforcement officials are handling these sexting cases in a thoughtful way and not treating teens like sex offenders and child pornographers,” said Janis Wolak, senior researcher at the UNH Crimes against Children Research Center, in a 2011 university report. “The goal here is to educate.” Wendy Thomas lives in Merrimack with her husband and six children, and has been published in various regional magazines and newspapers.Check out her blog Lessons Learned from the Flock, at

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You need an experienced criminal defense attorney to represent you immediately.

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“If your daughter has just broken up with her boyfriend, sit down and listen to what she has to say,” said Nelson.

“Let her tell you what she might have told the Internet instead.” If you find out your teen is sexting Nelson said any reaction to your child should involve a discussion about the law and what constitutes child pornography.

It said: ‘No more complicated pricing, just clear, straightforward per minute charges.

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Drive home the fact that just because someone says they are someone on the Internet that may not be true.” Lastly, parents need to listen to their kids.

Sometimes kids reach out to the Internet to be heard by others.

Solicitation of a person believed to be a child: Here is a common computer crime scenario: You're on your computer and you enter into a "chat room".

You start to talk with some unknown person and the discussion becomes sexual in nature.

It might not be a predator, but then again, it could be.

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