Consolidating business operations

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As with any commercial real estate decision- proper planning and involvement with corporate real estate providers will be important.

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Cost savings is certainly one of the major objectives of reducing the number of facilities a company owns or leases.

Typically consolidation of real estate is considered when a company undergoes a merger, an acquisition or change in their business.

Consolidation of real estate facilities is certainly not limited to office space and government properties.

We have also seen an increase in facility consolidation of data centers, call centers and manufacturing operations.

Many company executives see manufacturing and distribution costs as easy targets for cost reduction strategies.

Business operations for most businesses, though, take into account the following elements: Process is important because of its impact on productivity and efficiency.

Processes done manually that can be done quicker with software or that duplicate work done by other departments can cost a business time and money.

Business operations processes should be documented department by department so that operations managers can study them to find areas for improvement, consolidation, or cost-savings.

Documentation also helps companies train new employees. Who needs to do the work outlined in the work processes and how many of them are needed?

Business plans often include a section dedicated to operations so that company founders understand the systems, equipment, people, and processes need to make the organization function.

Business operations vary according to business type, industry, size, and so on.

“With new and efficient operations, and all our associates together, this new facility should enable us to expand our operations and reduce our operating expenses,” said Steve Spinner UNFI’s President and CEO.

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