Bombay dating

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Bombay dating

With a growing demography of people in the 20-34 age group, India is a very big market for all the dating apps. Deeply entrenched in the Indian startup ecosystem, he is currently focused on building 'Slow Tech' for Your Story.Tinder has made its presence felt and has by far the maximum penetration but the likes of Truly Madly (which comes from the founders of Makemytrip and Letsbuy) and Aisle are also getting good traction. He operates from the mountains of Himachal Pradesh where he plays with technology, farming and eco-construction.

“The application matches have helped translate into 1,500 relationships with its overall global presence in 29 markets in 2014.

The company was rejuvenated in December 2014 with million in funding and is now expanding across the globe aggressively.

A couple of weeks ago, Hinge has launched in India and has opened up in Mumbai first.

A smarter, simpler way to connect with the people you might have eventually met through friends.” Using Facebook as the base to find people who are in your extended social network, Hinge uses social proximity to create matches, as opposed to geo-location.

Next, Hinge takes that pool of people and curates daily potential connections – based on a person’s behavioral preferences. Founded by Justin, Hinge has Samir Kapadia as the International Operations head.

At the core, Hinge is a more curated version of Tinder.

Tinder connects people on the basis of proximity while Hinge is built on top of Facebook which means a person would only be able to see mutual friends and extensions from there."In the face of rising real estate prices, the Art Deco legacy of Mumbai is at a real risk of being lost forever," he said in a phone interview.Taking influence from Paris, Miami, New York and Los Angeles, Bombay Deco put an Indian twist on a well-known style.By the 19th century Bombay was a prosperous centre for commerce.The removal of the ramparts of the fort had opened up the city to fresh developments in architecture, and in the second half of the 19th century Bombay witnessed accelerated building activity fuelled by its booming maritime trade.Their statement describes the app- “Hinge blends the best of meeting in the real world, with the power of social discovery.

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    She was socially paralysed - and I was left feeling how much easier the moment would have been if we'd made real, human contact first time round.