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I did not see a girl twice for two years, I go to work by 6am and come back by 9pm; but I can't imagine my self with a one night stand and I don't see the possibility of getting a girl at first sight and first met.

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Iv been there and I felt it Okay okay I hear you guys and you'll talking poff.3)don't try 2b rude or bullish,rmba it's just ur first meeting.4)A good sense of humour wld girls enjoy lively conversation especially wen u ar making dem smile/try 2make her enjoy ur one truly works.

Rather find a a means to calm your nervous down and beef your confidence level Please note that a girl will quickly write you off if you seems like a faker.Like the one I dey use now is " Hi whats up" she ll say "Hi" or look scared, I would say " where are you going or what are you doing or any question" she ll say anything, I don't care; I would say "Na wow, I dey trip for you oh" with Pigin, some of them will smile, some of them laugh, some of them do as if they don't care etc and that is it, etc without being desperate I will leave.Approaching a girl is kinda tough for some guys and looks so easy for others.Then man do the dignified thing and lose her so she would not look at you like a clinger.So topic will make her think you into her and you willing to know her.You just never know whether the girl you are trying to approach would accept or reject you.